Plex Media Server for MyCloudEx2Ultra?

I have been trying to use Twonky. But I am giving up. I want to use Plex. Do I need to reset my MyCloudEx2Ultra to factory reset to go to Plex?

How did you install Twonky? You can one-click install Plex Media Server from the App Store.

I spent several days trying to learn and configure a Twonky. I gave up and installed Plex.

I wish there had been some “warning” about Twonky no longer being supported.

Does WD support Plex?

You can Close this ticket.

I dont know if WD directly support Plex or not, however there is a specific installer for the WD EX2 Ultra via the Plex website. I have been running plex for several months on my device with no issues, there have been several server side software updates in that time.

You just need to download the installer seperately use the ‘Install an App Manually’ (link just below the App Store name) from within the standard interface.

I have an EX2 Ultra.

It runs Plex as a server just fine - - - as long as you don’t try on-the-fly transcoding (you have to stream using the original resolution/format).

I also run Plex as a server on a PC - - -> and point to the files on the EX2 as the source. That works just fine as well.

I think Loxicon is right about how you get the software.