Plex crashes when adding library

I recently purchased a ‘My Passport Wireless Pro’ so I could use Plex on road trips. I have transferred some movies, around 900GB to it into various folders, such as

/Storage/Media/TV Shows/Cartoons/

I have added /Family/ without issues and waited for all of the 130+ folders be detected and properly identify the movies/

I have added /Kids/ without any issue to.

Now, for some reason, when I add /Parents/, Plex returns an error stating that the Library could not be added and Plex seemingly crashes and does not become available again for quite some time.

Previously I have had all of the folders that I wanted, including the ‘Parents’ folder that I am now having issues with. I removed everything so that I could “optimize for mobile” on my laptop instead of trying to do it on the low cpu of the ‘My Passport Wireless’.

Any thoughts on what might be happening? Does anyone know where the log files are stored or a crash report from Plex? I have about 3 days to figure this out before my road trip…so I am franticly to try to get this working appropriately.

I would ask the Plex forum. They are very active and helpful.

Link: Plex forum for WD


  1. Ensure your My Passport Wireless Pro is on 1.01.11 firmware
  2. Check your Plex Version which should be
  3. Click on “Support” Tab and then “Download” under System Logs. Both Wireless Pro and Plex logs are included in the zip file.