PLEX CHANNELS working on WD TV LIVE via a tablet!

Just got a NOOK HD+ and I have 3 wd tv devices. I also have plex installed on a computer. I installed BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA on the Nook so I could play movies on a hard drive plugged in to my router. I noticed that I could see the plex server in the bubble app and it gives you an option to choose a renderer. It shows all 3 of my wd tv devices as potential renderers.

Sooooo, I chose a wd tv device as the renderer and clicked a movie file from plex and it flung it to my tv. I tried the plex channels and those work as well. There was 1 so far that didn’t work but I tried multiple and I can choose one of the videos in revision3 channel and it plays on the wd tv device.

Obviously you need a tablet/phone to get this to work but this is great so far!

Many of us use Twonky Beam for this, and other purposes.  There is an Android and iOS version of this FREE app.  I see that Bubble has a cost.  Twonky Beam sends/receives all kinds of media (music, video, photo) between DLNA devices.  Even “beam” YouTube videos to your player (much better than the built-in app.)  The program is created by the Twonky company who make the Twonky server software in the WD players, and all kinds of other devices. You can also download stuff to table via Twonky, and send local media in devices to player/TV via Twonky.  One of my favorite apps:

I’m using the free bubble android app. My goal was to be able to view plex channels on the wd tv live like I already do on my roku. I also use plex to stream music through my wd tv live devices.

Twonky sounds cool though, I may give it a try.

If you like to stream music, Twonky is perfect for that, because it is one of the few apps that will play via playlists.  (The WD also does so from the attached HD.)  I mostly play my digital music via random playlists created by iTunes DJ. and copied to the WD drive  With all my music files, it is the only efficient way to do it.