Plex Ap Shutting down

Sorry if this has already been covered already. The plex app keeps shutting itself down. Its most anoying!

Dashboard reports the app as running but the server shows up in plex as “server unavailable”

I can fix this by closing the ap in dashboard and restarting it but after a day or so its back off again.

Its ok with me but my wife is not tech savy…

What have you tried so far? Did you set a static IP configuration? Are you using a hard-wired connection?

Thanks for responding Trancer

I have port forwarding, static IP, Auth the IP of all my devices and the router.
Hardwire the EX2100 to the router
Hardwire my fire TV to the router (although it makes no difference what device I am using)
checking the WD Plex Forums it seems I am not alone in this though.