Plex and .srt files


Since I am unable to see my shared content through simple Windows Sharing anymore (since I upgraded to Win8, old WIn7 pc was working fine) I started having a look at the Media Center alternative

So, I tried Plex just minutes ago. Problem is, wherever I have subtitles as external .srt files, TV Live doesn’t seem to pick them up at all. For example I have the following:

  1. TESTMOVIE.mkv file with say 3 subtitle tracks embedded (although none of them in my language)

  2. file (with subtitles in my language)

I play the movie  from TV live but when I press “Subtitle” on the remote the options cycle like: Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, OFF.

I don’t see the 4th option which should be the .srt file.

I tried and the same happens if the .mkv has not srt’s embedded. Mind you, at Plex/Web nterface the external .srt file shows up correctly and also plays correctly so I believe it’s being shared correctly. It’s when I play the moves from TV Live that it dissapears.

Anybody having this combination working?

Have you checked the Win 8 networking thread on this forum? Network shares do work when set up properly so you don’t need to fiddle with media servers.

Ah, I wish it did because frankly it was the easiest thing I’d ever done and it worked flawlessly in Win7. All .srt’s where there, media didn’t need to be told to update when a new movie was added etc. I don’t really all this media server thing but I just had to fall back to this as a last chance to be able to use my WD TV Live again. 

I will have a look at the Win 8 thread, thanks