Plex and Folder Organization When Viewed with WDTV Live Stream

I have a question for you guys.

I have organized my data very simply in the Plex data manager dashboard to look like this on the web:

TV Shows

This is all that shows up on my media manager and it is very clean and organized.

However, when I stream from my WDTV Live box, I see a ton more folder options

TV Shows
Video Channels
Shared Videos
Remote Videos

And then when I push into Movies, instead of there being a list of my movies, there is another layer of filtering folders

All Movies
By Genre
By Year

Is there a way to remove all these extra folders and layers so that I just see a simple set up?

you’ll have to look into your plex configuration

for media servers

the WD displays whatever folders/files are sent by the server, in your case Plex

That is what I thought too but from what I can see, my Plex config looks very clean, just the two folders.

I will look again to see what I might have missed.

I just ran into a PLEX FAQ that had the following. This looks to be my issue


Can I get rid of the intermediate filter menu on some of the clients?

After entering a section in some of the clients, you’ll be presented with an intermediate menu with items such as “Recently Added”, “Unwatched”, etc. You currently cannot bypass or modify that filter menu. The developers do have plans to alter and improve that functionality, but it is not yet released.

There might also be a few biased haters here that construe an odd scenario in every god **bleep** thread to make the WDTV look at fault just because they can’t get over their bad experience with the WDTV. Better take their pointless whining with a grain of salt.

dcb917 wrote:

Plex and WDTV means you made a bad purchasing decision.


Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, pretty much anything you can connect via Plex better than WD.


There might be a few biased diehards here that can construre an odd scenario where you just gotta have WD, it don’t believe it.


Sell the WDTV, recognize you made a bad move and buy a Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire to use with Plex.

dcb917, still not sure why you don’t jump ship

nearly every post you’ve made is telling people to buy something else

so why not take your own advice, buy some other player

why stay around here, obviously you’re commited to the WD, or you’d be in the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire forums of your choice

Outside of the extra levels of folders that according to the Plex faq is their issue not WD’s, I am having no problems with Plex and WDTV. They appear to be working perfectly together.

I am unsure why that uncalled for post was made especially when it had nothing to do with my original question.