Pleeeeeees I need help with my WD

How can i unlock my WD smartware passport, because I forgot my password and really need all my memoire and pic, I can’t delate date I need it all. I set several years ago. I have tried all my passwords i can remember but just can’t get the right couldn’t open.
please give me the solution.

Apparently there are ways to unlock a password protected wd drive (i personally wouldn’t know and have never tried)

Found this youtube video via a quick google search … You’re gonna need to use Linux. (there is no way to do this on Windows or iOS)

Thanks for helping me
Sounds good I already use Linux.
I will try to do it
Thank u so much :+1:

That won’t work - it still needs the password to work. All it is is a work-around for the fact there is no unlock app for Linux, only for Windows and Mac.

To my knowledge there is no way to access the content of a password protected drive without the password. WD made it deliberately so for security reasons.