Please work with Pogoplug

I like many other users here have a Pogoplug but when I connect to the HDDs connected to the pogoplug, It states that MKV files are not supported and the files that are only play for 27 minutes.  There are many other people on this forum with the same problem and end up hacking the WD tv live in order to make them play nice, but I dont wish to do that yet.

I wish to know if Western Digital is aware of the problem and if they are planing to do anything about it.  I have placed a similar request on the Pogoplug forums but, so far no one from either company has actually responded.

If you want a WD response, you better call them, this is a user to user forum. WD might be aware of this, but if you wish to be sure, just log this information with them.

I emailed support and they told me it was probably the Pogoplug. Pogoplug support said they don’t have full DLNA implementation and only support the PS3, Xbox and some other media player. So it seems like until Pogoplug gets some decent server software, we’re out of luck. If you know linux, you can install Samba on the Pogoplug. I don’t know linux from a hole in the ground.