Please wait ? just how long?

trying to install theme so downloaded legacy theme to create theme folder then please wait appeared on screen some time ago and im still waiting ??? is this normal? has the box crashed? does it crash? how long should i wait before i hit it with a hammer?

it’s possible it crashed, I think it should display a progress bar

if it’s not progressing, you might have to pull the plug and try again

if it’s still not working

my post at a different forum has mediafire download links about half way down the post

Legacy Theme located at this link

Will Not Work for the SMP… for 2 reasons

  1. It’s been zipped with “Compression”

  2. It has not been zipped at “Root Level”

For an “SMP Ready” zip, last link on this page

Also, try using Firefox to upload the Legacy theme to your SMP (other browers have been reported to be flakey)

yeah, when I uploaded those I did not think of people actually trying to use the themes

was just trying to make the files available to themers, I should probably rezip at root and without compression

at least for those small enough to upload

a couple of them are larger than 30MB because they include all files/images used in the themes