Please vote for change :O

If you understand it and like it vote for it.

Western Digital have their money we have their products lets step up and make our product work 100% for our own criteria.

Western Digital don’t care, that’s my opinion, lets do something about it. 

Hi krycek, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with your My Cloud. Can you share more information about your problem? And did you ever contacted support? 

And how is ‘connecting support’ going to help? 

You’re only being asked to send in a log file,  and after that: nothing! 

And a log file has nothing to do with the lacking of backup information when you get a 'backup failed’  error. 

Or the fact that the fan is programmed to only work when the set is starting to kill itself by heat. 

These are all software problems! 

They promise to email back,  but they don’t. 

They don’t repair anything,  and do not want to make the necessary repairs/ changes to the firmware. 

And they do not give any information about the things we want to have changed on the wdmcex2! 

There are to many unhappy customers here, that want changes by WD,  and being taken serious!  

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