Please use HTTPs instead of http for the My Cloud dashboard


can we have a HTTPs connection to the MY Cloud dasboard? That would be a lot safer…




Idea approved for voting.

I would also like to see access to Dashboard in my local network as https://

Thanks for considering this better secure method.

you can always change the URL from http://wdmycloud to https://wdmycloud it will be using a self-signed 128bit secure certificate. your browser may throw errors but that is just because it is self-signed by the device itself, ok to use. The reason they will probably never offer HTTPS or FTPS is because it isn’t free to have a well known certificate authority. Using self-signed would be the free way to go (aka changing the browser URL from http to https)

one year has passed. what about https?

I would also like this…give https some love

@d_fens @Alien0 It might help to actually read comments like Please use HTTPs instead of http for the My Cloud dashboard above.

WD can’t offer you valid certificates for your internal network…

However you can use the external URL / domain of your Device like:

which already got an valid certificate signed by COMODO.

My problem is that I cannot download a file that has a https url
In the App section of the dashboard there’s only http, ftp and p2p downloads available and no https
Trying to download https url brings up an error as below
The URL format is not correct, the correct format is: Try again.

You might have noticed the topic title:

Please use HTTPs instead of http for the My Cloud dashboard

So if you have issues downloading files from https links you’re mostly wrong in this thread. :slight_smile:

Why is it that other NAS companies have incorporated HTTPS as a standard due to the security issues of the intranet? WD needs to update and get into the new world! The users want to feel safe with the products and not have to worry about issues that can be fixed at a simple cost from the manufacture. Update the firmware! A good product such as the MY Cloud PR4100 would be a great product with increased security and flexibility to the user.

Also when you currently use HTTPS as stated in previous writings the URL will be changed back to HTTP then allow access to the website!