Please Update Transmission Build

Hi WD, can you please update the included transmission build in the EX and DL series NAS’s to 2.84 please. It’s never been updated past 2.77. WD compiled this under an internal version number of 1.05.

Much apreciated.


Status: Acknowledged


Thanks ArMak, please can you update the thread once completed.

I won’t hold my breath. It was A bit of a nightmare getting an updated version of Plex on the WD store. I think what threw this one is that Plex make available a WD NAS installation package on their own web site and when I updated the WD APP directory was insisting that the old version they had was the update to the newer manually installed version.

From what I can gather a 3rd party dev needs to first submit their app to WD for approval. If this was the case with Plex who usually release builds on a fortnightly basis with so many different builds for so many different NAS’s, it would be a nightmare keeping track.

I think WD just need to remove the DB version check for Plex altogether, as it just currently checks the last submitted build.

Transmission I’m almost certain was compiled in house, since it’s completely open source. It’s just never been updated past version 2.77, and 2.84 has been available for quite a while.

Hi WD, any progress on this please?

Could you please provide updated trasmission build also for PRO series? Version 1,06 available is pretty ancient…

Hi Armak/WD, when can we expect an update for Transmission?

An acknowledged idea means the proposal has been revised and approved for voting. However, if few users are voting for/supporting the idea then it means the idea/proposal itself is of little demand, and some other ideas (With more votes) will be considered/prioritized in development first.

Thanks for the feedback Trancer. How does one vote for such a feature?

A vote is added by giving “likes” to the opening/first post. You can give a “like” by clicking the heart-shaped icon in the lower-right corner of the post (The 3rd icon from right-to-left after the “Reply” button).

Well, it’s got my vote. I’ve liked the opening post to this thread. I’m considering trying to build my own Transmission package to install into the NAS side-loaded. I just got to learn how to do this as all the tools are Linux based and I’ve not build and compiled applications in Linux.

Some news?

Nope. I would do it myself, but I’m way too busy with other stuff. The Transmission source code is available. Western Digital’s SDK for Cloud OS3 is downloadable. Just needs compiling, putting together and submitting to WD for them to include it in their store.

I guess whoever put the Transmission application on the WD Store may have simply lost interest? Or did WD pace the Transmission application on the WD Store? If that’s the case then it’s WD who need to make the update.

So, who is responsible for updating the Transmission P2P application?

its 2019 and still Transmission is running really ancient version on WD EX2. Please update the version.

Who wishes to have a go? I guess all the source code for Transmission is all there. It just needs putting together.