Please tell me what really I bought!

Hello everyone!
I am newbie here, but unfortunately I have been facing several problems with this blessed cloud.
I bought a 2TB (v03.04.01-219), was presenting several problems, but the biggest one was to disconnect from time to time, so I bought another (v03.04.01-219), to my surprise, the same problem !
I did the firmware updates for the current, then the same problem repeats itself!
I am using a D-Link Cloud Router DIR-850L with four gigabit ports, but even that is helping because the connection drops when I make my copies …

I’ve done several searches here about various subjects, I noticed that none of the versions are well accepted, all are experiencing the same problem dropping the connection!

So I ask you: What I bought? It was a mere HDD 2TB in a case where so far no one can do something with the native firmware?
This is a joke, a prank of bad taste?

What should I do now? I must go to court to return this hindrance and get my money right back or should I wait a little longer until someone give me a concrete solution?

I do not care about the warranty, I just want this to work as it should, it is difficult?
These “alternative firmwares” really work?

I thank all who are reading,


start by setting a static IP address

what are you doing when the connection drops? local or remote? File explorer/finder? or???

types and volumes of files/

Hello, thank you for your reply!

I’ve done all possible configurations, I just created this topic because I am no longer supporting it!

I use a modem and a wireless router (DIR-850L) with 4-port gigabit and wireless speed of 1200…

The connection drops fully, but when I remove the cable from the cloud, the connection is usual for several days !!!


try and do the same operations with the NAS plugged into your PC. This way you exclude the router that could also ahve some firmware problems.

PS: to tell you the truth, after 5 months of ex2 i came to realize that there are alot of problems and the firmware is very unreliable. But then again, i look at synology and starting to tink that the extra 200euros could be worth it. I really liked WD and tried to give them the chance to improve, but even so, no firmware update since december 2014, no answer to the customers about their intentions or to tell the customers that they understand us and value our opinions here.

I’ve done this and the problem continues!

The Cloud is stable because I disabled some services…


For now my 2 clouds are stable for two days after I did what’s in the image below: