Please talk to me like I'm a 5 year old. Passbook reformatting related!


My wife bought a 1tb WD My Passbook portable hard drive. USB 3.0 / PC Ready, etc. etc.

She has a mac book pro and needs to re-format the drive for her mac.

I have searched this forum, and anything close to my scenario still seems like french to me.

Can someone break down how we can reformat this drive to be be Mac compatible. It will be used to store pictures and videos, and some music…

Much thanks for any guidance.

41 year old with a 5 year old understanding of computers…

alobodobadob :slight_smile:

ok that’s enough baby talk.


Follow these instructions precisely…

  1.  Switch on the laptop and connect the drive. Switch drive on if it has a mains switch.

  2.  check to see if a disk icon for the drive appears on the laptops screen.

                      If it does appear that’s good.

                      If it doesn’t, at this stage it isn’t important.

  1. Go to you Utilities folder and find the app called Disk Utilty and open it.

You will see a window appear  with two frames; a main frame on the right and a sidebar frame on the left.

  1. In the sidebar look for your WD drive - It should be listed.

                                It will show as 2 entry lines:

                                         A top line, which is the manufacturers  description of the disk, eg. 2TB WD My Book

                                        An indented line underneath, with the drives name as it appears on your desktop. eg My Book 3 

  1. Select the top line (manufacturers description)

  2. In the right hand main frame, there are 5 tabs. Select "Partition’

  3. You will now see varios options for you to choose.

  4. Under Volume Scheme, change from ‘Current’ to ‘1 Partition’

  5. You will now see various options now become available (changed from greyed out to highlighted)

  6. Name the drive - you can call it anything you like. You really can.

  7. Format: make sure it is Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

  8.  the size you leave alone unless making several partitiions.

  9. Your almost done, now

  10. Press the “Apply” button .

  11.  Your drive will now be Mac reformatted with your chosen name.


you are a gentleman and a scholar!

much appreciated! :slight_smile: