Please support sftp


sftp would be a lot safer as the supportet ftp for the My CLoud.




Idea approved for voting.

I support this suggestion…but for my newly purchased My Cloud EX 2. Who is this idea voting open to? Customers or WD dev team? If customers/WD community members, then I don’t see any voting buttons. But I vote for sftp in My Cloud products…esp. My Cloud EX2.

EDIT: Never mind…figured out how to register my vote.

For My Cloud EX2, my problem would be solved if the programmers hadn’t hardcoded the creation of /etc/ssh/sshd_config from within the /usr/sbin/ssh_daemon program itself, which overwrites the sshd_config everytime the daemon is started up…negating any edit I make to AllowUsers values.

add me too. SFTP is way safer remotely than ftp.

Needed for the EX2 as well.

And it IS doable…if a customer can implement it ( ), then WD should be able to as well…

This would be a somewhat basic feature that is REALLY needed. It is called MyCloud for a reason and one of the main features is the capability to access it remotely. Why would anyone use an unprotected open protocol to transfer private data? I have an EX2 and would have never thought it cannot be setup properly. Even simple FTP took a month to  start working (for whatever reason). Everything else is amazing, WD keeps improving but these small issues are maddening. :smirk_cat:

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PLEASE add ANY secure way to connect to shares within the My Cloud EX 2 remotely. 
One and half years - still the same problem: No secure WebDAV, no SFTP - seriously?

How are you supposed to use this thing? Dashboard via HTTPS is the only way to up/download files? Come on…

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I see this is a quite old post, but I would like to mention that secure access is possible via FTP-SSL a.k.a. FTPS which uses SSL instead of SSH to encrypt the transferred data. You might have to manually trust the My Clouds SSL certificate, though. If you are behind a firewall you might also have to open additional ports for the additional DATA channel this type of transfer uses.
But, there is one major benefit of FTPS vs. SFTP and that’s speed. SFTP has quite a big overhead caused by the underlying OpenSSH, which in parts is poorly implemented, whereas FTPS does not use OpenSSH, so it does not suffer from it’s lack of speed. Especially on low power machines like the My Cloud, this might be of interest.

Hope, I could help someone, but if I am too late, that’s okay, too.

Yes please. Please and another please. Please add it.