Please suggest a box that will address my needs

I am looking for either a NAS or an external hard drive that will address our needs. Can anyone suggest a brand/model that would be able to do all of these?

  1. Usable 2TB (RAID 1 configuration)
  2. Backup 2 Windows 7 Professional PCs over the network (Full system image first, then followed by daily incremental backups)
  3. Backup 1 Windows 7 PC that has SQL Server installed where SQL server is online 24/7 - I am not sure if the backup will be usable since SQL Server is online and the database files are in use? Backup should be for full system image as well, then followed by daily incremental backups.
  4. Ability to do Open file backups
  5. Bare metal restore would be a very big plus

Many Thanks.

You can try  MBLD…

Some of the backup specs are not met but you can use a third party software for those