Please someone HEEELLLLP

I’ve got a 1tb external my book running running Anywehere backup on a Mac using OS 10.4.11.

Started my computer this morning and everything was fine, I could see all my backup files. I went to open one of them which opened fine, went to open another one within seconds of the first and all my folders had disappeared, about 400gig of data. 

The files that have gone were originally on my internal drive but that crashed a few weeks back so I only had my backups on the external drive.

I haven’t got Anywhere backup set to purge files so regardless of whether there are no files on my newly formatted internal drive the backup files should still be fine, which they have been for a couple of weeks.

This is all my work from the past 7 years so I’m in deep s*!t if I can’t get them back. I’m currently running Stellar Pheonix recovery to see what that pulls up.

Has anyone got any ideas what could have happened or how to go about fixing this please? It just seems like the directory listing has been overwritten or something. Saying that though the folder called “Clients” which had all my work in it is now showing as 24k!

Any advice would be very much appreciated as I can see this costing me a fortune to get sent off for recovery.

Many Thanks

So you were opening the files from the anywhere backup folder? If the backup was running while you were opening the file that could have caused the data corruption. If you are already running a data recovery program you should be able to recover most of your files, just remember not to save anything new to the My Book until you recover all of your files.

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and dont save data from recovery onto the same drive.