Please solve my artwork problem

When I upload CD’s to iTunes, I always attach the artwork. Then I drag it to the MyCloud device and verify each song always shows the artwork. When I play the music using the app on my iPhone occasionally a certain song’s artwork won’t show up while others do. Today I discovered a really weird problem. I have many CD’s from The Carpenters (yeah, I know I’m cool) as usual, I was checking on the app if all the artwork showed up and 2 songs didn’t. Then I noticed that those same 2 songs that appear on all other CD’s won’t show the artwork either. There must be some rhyme or reason to this. Anyone have a clue?
I appreciate any help on this :smile:


Over the years, I have found the problem is with iTunes and I need to “hard code” artwork from CDs into the individual files by copying the art to all the tracks in an album so that each track holds the art.

I do attach my own .jpg scans to each album so none of these are from iTunes.

“Mr.” seems to be the common theme…

Trying removing the point, or using ‘Mister’. It’s just the filename, after all, and the metadata should still be ‘correct’.

No idea why it should be a problem, but I’ll be surprised if it isn’t.

Thinks: I bet the artwork trawler is stupid enough to look for the first point in the filename, and take everything after as the file type extension. Since this won’t be a known media file type, it won’t create a thumbnail for it. They need to search backwards from the end of the filename…

Thanks! yeah, the (.) was it. Stupid me didn’t even catch both songs had ‘Mr.’ in it :flushed:

Hmm, I wonder if any of my music files have Mr. in them (and can cause same issue? Will check.

You could still leave Mr (without the period in) so it makes sense, but doesn’t confuse the fike trawler.

Just checked mine and have 147 tracks w/Mr or Mr… Only artwork screwed up ones are from CDs, but not tracks downloaded from my commercial D/L service. It’s iTunes thing for me, as entire album is missing art (and I know why) but really don’t care to fix things from past digitizing. Life is too short to get anal about this.