Please read: this first gen WD TV Media Player! WDAVN00BN

I’m really dissapointed purchasing this first gen WDTV because, it doesn’t not have support .MKV format Audio: DTS (Digital Theatre System) which only second gen supports it. I should’ve dont search thoroughly. " I hope they’ll give us chance to add  DTS audio for MKV for the next firmware coming out". Firmware 1.03 ■■■■■ big time!

thanks for you time reading this!


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It’s a hardware issue and cannot be solved with firmware. Sell the one you have on eBay and buy the latest version.

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This is the forum for the WDTV Live.  It’s currently on firmware 1.01.24, so none of the issues you complain of affect us.

The forum for the 1st Gen WDTV is here:

I think WDteam dropped support for this gen

I some what agree with previous poster sell the thing on E-bay, but what ever you do don’t buy another WD product more products are popping up all the time and so far WD has been inept on every front don’t reward them for poor quality and support.

In my humble opinion I think Boxee looks promising, unfortunately but it isn’t out yet but should be released this year) if the software ■■■■■ you can always load true XBMC on it (Boxee is based on XBMC with added proprietary software added)

Love to hear about other alternatives however

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Syabas is supposed to becoming out with the PopBox next month (march '10) I beleive. It will compete in this space at ~130 USD. Also, the Boxee Box will kinda compete in this space but it’ll be ~200 USD and not exaclty sure when it’ll be out. I think it’s supposed to be 2nd quarter '10.