Please please help - Deleted Safepoint by mistake and lost 1tb of files - Help

Yep - I was an ■■■■■ and deleted my safepoint, not realising that this would delete all my files.

I pulled the power cable but managed to lose 1tb of FLAC, MP3 and jpegs.

Does anybody have any ideas of anyway I can retrieved my deleted files?

I have downloaded Asoftech Data Recovery, will this work on MyBook Live? If so will it just retrieve my deleted files and will they stay in the original folders?

Please, could a kind soul help?


I’m confused.  Deleting a safepoint just deletes a backup JOB.

The original files (where the safepoint originated) should still be there.

Hiya, thanks for your reply.

I have 2 MBL - one with all my stuff on and one as a back-up.

I bought a larger unit today, to use as a back up with the intention of splitting my files over the two existing MBL to free up room.

I restored the 1st MBL (the one with my stuff on) to factory settings and deleted the safepoint thinking it would just stop the scheduled syncing… but it started to delete my back -up!

Any help/support would be massively appreciated…  I actually wanted to cry when I realised what i’d done.