Please please help ASAP

Hey everyone!

I’m a music producer who was using the WD 2TB MyBook as my main drive.

Everything was going perfectly for about a year with this thing… I will admit right now, that I’m an ■■■■■ for not backing my files up, because this wouldn’t be a problem if I had done so… Anyways, I was having a VERY similar problem to this:

But my problem, specifically is this:

I went down to do a freelance gig… I typically run PC… The stuio I was working at used all MAC. I plugged my drive in because I wan going to work on previous work in my off time… The mac wouldn’t recognize it… That’s fine, I figured… It’s probably just not formatted for MAC. I then walk away for about 15 mins, and when I come back I find out somebody unplugged my drive without ejectin it… **bleep**!

So I get home… I plug my drive in… And as expected, there’s a problem… My computer won’t recognize my drive anymore!! It won’t show up in my computer, it doesn’t make a sound when I plug it in… It is NOTHING to do with the cord, my computer, nothing simple… I’ve paid 3 local guys to look at it, and they’re just idiots, I guess.

Anyways… It DOES show up in the device manager however… I just cannot access the files… I bought an identical drive (but 3.0) so I can transfer files from the bad drive to the good one… But These guys are thinking it something to do with a boot sector… 

Also, I have it loaded up with nearly the full 2 tb of information… I read somewhere that the exact model I use only REALLY works up to 1.5 TB due to its formatting… That’s **bleep**ing stupid, if you ask me!!! 

Any help beyond this point is more than apprecaited.

Does it show up in Disk Management? If so look down by the bars and see what it says something like Raw or unallocated. I’ve seen this happen with a few drives formatted for Windows then plugged into a newer Mac.


Yes, it sas “Raw”

Joe… I see you helping people a LOT on this site… Is there a way I can contact you directly… This needs to be fixed literally two weeks ago… I’m getting very inpatient and flustered about it haha

I didn’t get any feed back on some inquiries I made about this. So I think this is the best idea since Raw means that something got corrupt in partition data. I would try recovery software like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard  It’s try and buy that is you can recover 1 gig free and if it works for you then you can buy it. I haven’t used it but see it recommended quite a bit. I can’t think of much else to try except a last ditch attempt  if nothing else works. If you want free ones there are some like Recuva. Good luck.