Please make the WD Black2 Hybrid SSHD Drive Mac compatible

Please make the WD Black2 Hybrid SSHD Drive Mac compatible.

I’d buy one right away!




Yes!  It would be a wonderful upgrade for a MacBook Pro.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t do this already; all they need to do is allow the drive to function either as a single disk (combining the SSD and HDD behind the scenes with caching or tiering) or as two separate disks through SATA multiplication; there aren’t many systems these days that don’t support SATA multiplication so it should be pretty easy to do. It should be easy to do with jumpers, avoiding the need for any kind of software setup, provided it gave good instructions. I was originally hoping to get one of these thinking it would let me install Windows on the SSD and still use the HDD for Mac OS X, but I don’t think it will allow that at all, which is a shame.

Firstly I really don’t understand why WD have not factory activated the partitions…it seems like an ill thought out setup.  They charge enough for the device so why not make it good to go from the start?

WD Do take note please…there are more MBP users who’d upgrade yesterday it this was the case…you’re wasting a valuable opportunity.


Once you get the partitions up and running you can then install them as a normall HDD in Macs.  You can even turn it into a Fusion Drive.


Back to WD…Why not make this Mac Friendly…preactivate the partition and then create a script to set up the fusion drive facility…yet again…missed opportunities.

read this link it tells you how to do it…

WD Advertise thier product saying they have listened to PC users and created the Dual Drive…Now please listen to the Mac users please WD


Why have only 6 people clicked this?  Probably because Mac users have already given up.

I learned that I can’t use this drive because I have installed Yosemite and it *might* not even work with Mavricks. 

Unfortunately, I can’t wait for this, so I’m going to end up buying a Seagate later today.

I’m bummed WD.

I guess I’ll check back in with you when my Seagate dies in 3 years and 1 month (3 yr warranty)

Yes, please make this Mac compatible.

I’ve a 1TB Seagate SSHD, but this would definitely get my custom as an upgrade for my 2012 MBP.

Mac support is on the website. Not sure when it showed up, but there is a PDF with instructions, firmware update, and automator scripts to configure the drive.  WDC Black2 Page

I don’t know the details of your setup and so it’s difficult to comment on what is and isnt possible…

… however Macs with an OS later than snow leopard already support the concept of SSHD but via the OS using a product called Fusion Drive (the OS merges an HDD and SSD and to all intents can do a better job than any SSHD as the OS inherently knows what the short and long term requirements on blocks are before writing them to disk - a lot of macs have this already. Check to see what your setup is… you may have it already… The simplest way to speed up a mac is simply to give it more memory - it’s UNIX…

Another thing to consider when replacing disks on a mac is to check that the disk you currently have doesn’t have “apple” firmware. Apple went through a phase of altering the HD temperature sensing so that the temp was taken from the internal HD temp sensor. This was implemented via cusomuised drive firmware. When a disk was simply replaced with an OEM one the mac will boot but after a few minutes it will think the drive is overheating as it doesnt receive temp info and spins all the fans up to 100%… which is quickly annoying. A company, “OWC”, (maybe there are others too?) makes an adapter which gets round the issue.Alternatively you can install a software controller for the fan when replacing disks -

all a little annoying, but just another thing… Do your research before replacing mac drives - I did and was glad i did :slight_smile:

btw: just for balance - when i did replace the drive in my 2009 iMac i put in a SSHD (plus OWC adapter) with good results, although I only did it because it failed - otherwise I would just feed it memory :slight_smile: