Please integrate AD users to the cloud users list ASAP

So after finally joining the MY Cloud EX4 to my AD, I found out that the AD users can’t be used to connect with the cloud service using either the mobile apps, nor the PC or Mac desktop clients.

When I posted a request in the forum, one of the WD Staff responded with:

" Hi,


Please see page 118 of the user manual.


This might help you setting up to the AD…"

The instruction manual says nothing about any function or menu option about linking AD with cloud. Anywhere.

I’m thereby going to have to conclude that at this time, the function is not available.

However, this should have been implemented in the first revision as it negates the whole point of having a device called “My CLOUD” on an AD with controlled users who have a single sign-on solution on laptops and other mobile devices. 

This is the main reason the company I work for picked the My Cloud EX4 device in the first place.

You could argue that not everyone in the AD needs cloud access, you’d be right, I have about 40 users only about 10-12 of them will need cloud access. I could create the users manually and then join the AD, and alott the rest of the users to FTP and UNC file sharing.

What happens though if one of the Cloud users quits his/her job or if we decide to hire a new employee and I have to add him to the cloud users?

I would then need to remove the drive from AD, add/remove the user as required, then rejoin? 

What happens to the AD users’ files when I do this? Will they be deleted? Will the users lose access to them?

Furthermore, I discovered that when adding/validating your user, the interface presents you with a pull down menu listing all existing users.




I don’t mean to sound rude or aggressive but you guys are making it really difficult not to.

Please implement the AD->cloud link as soon as possible and thanks!