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what is cloud backup means, have realized my cloud wd can not be accessed when the device is offline, I cant see my file till the device is On, what if someone stills the device, it means I cant access my files, we should have permanent files attached to cloud account where if the device briks or stolen I can access my file on cloud, wd please do something.

It is not quite clear what your issue is. If remote access/cloud access is not working properly the first troubleshooting step is to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and disable Remote Access/Cloud Access. Wait five to ten minutes. Then re-enable Remote Access/Cloud Access and then test if remote access is available.

If you are worried about your device being stolen and loosing access to your files. That is a different issue. An NAS is not a replacement for an online Cloud Storage service. If one’s NAS is stolen then one’s files are gone unless the thief connects the NAS to another network at that NAS can successfully get online without being modified by the thief. Theft of an NAS is one reason why it’s wise to have some sort of backup (preferably offsite) of the My Cloud data.

One possible method to backup one’s My Cloud to a Cloud Storage Service or to another remote location is to use GoodSync. However installing and setting up GoodSync may require SSH access to the My Cloud and additional knowledge or skill to get that app working properly.

GoodSync for Western Digital MyCloud NAS

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Here is a definition of Backup.

I have all my important files, pictures, video, music etc. on my Desktop computer. Along with that I have two WD MY CLOUDS where the same is backed up. I also have backups on USB Memory sticks, All the music I own is still on their original CD’s plus its all on USB Memory sticks too for use in my vehicle. To keep this short, what I am saying is backup, backup, backup.

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Noted, so one should be ready incase of hdd brick on wd cloud access backup?

Hard drives can and do fail for any number of reasons. Its why it’s always prudent to have a backup procedure (either onside or remote) in place. While those failures are typically rare, failures are a fact of life. If the data is important or mission criticle, have a backup process in place.

The single bay My Cloud units include a backup method called Safepoint (first gen v4.x firmware) or Backup (second gen v2.x firmware) that will backup the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port. See the My Cloud User Manual ( for more information on how to use this local backup feature.

Like others I use several methods to backup the data on the My Cloud. From using Safepoint to backup the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud. To using third party software (Free File Sync) to copy the My Cloud data to USB hard drives attached to other computers.

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