Please i need someone to help me is very very necessary

Please please help me is very necessary
my external Hard is (my passport 1TB) , I doing to press erase on in mistake by (WD software)
and erased all my partitions and data, please i want to back again my all data but how ?? I need a help please please please . I’m so worry and sad about it. :((

Try some recovery software. Recuva is a free one. Others let you try and recover a small amount before buying. You just learned a painful lesson about having only one copy.


Are you sure about this software it can be recover my data??

you try it before or someone try it???

I am so sorry i ask you like that, because you know my external is (1TB) so it is need so long time to scan, may be 15 hours or more than


I just had a very similar problem, and used a program called EASEUS which seems to have recovered most of the data ont he drive.  The program you are using will probably be able to do the same - mine took 10+ hours for a drive scan (500Gb).  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend EASEUS as the user interface is pretty hopeless, but if you an ignore that and work out what it wants you to do it seems to get the job done.

Good luck

Please i try those softwares to recover my data but do not benefit with it

Just (R-Studio)software found some filse but unrecognized files , unknown extensions and big size files

Please i need more help please i need some one help me  please please :cry:

i had this bad luck 2 weeks ago, but i foun a software which enabled me to recover around 85% of my lost data 

you can download it for free, but to get the best results you should not save any other data on the hard disk you suffered with untill you restor your data or it will be corrupted . the soft ware is 


Me too…This is my 2nd time losing mydata.My IT friend also couldn’t help me.Later I send to repair shop n they asked me to pay $400 but I refuse to do so.Is there any solution for this?