Please helppppppppppppppppppppppp!

Hi yesterday while i was using my book essential external hard drive i noticed the cable plugged in the usb port

wasn’t put on properly so i moved it a bit then i saw the usb port it self fell inside of the hard drive !

i called WD in the morning they told me i can contact some company to help with the recovery they told me

its gonna cost me 5,000 $ !!! so i tried to fix it myself i opened it up just to see if it could be put on back into place

i found out that it wasnt attached correctly that’s why it fell becoz the hard drive is relatively new

anyways i took to an computer office they sold me a box that replaces the other box of wd

and it has a new charger and new usb port i tried it at their place but they said its not working coz it needs

the password and to do tht i need the software

the program was installed on my laptop so i thought it would work fine now i tried it and its not reading it !

and i also can’t find the cd … i thought maybe if i removed the software it will work by downloading itself from the internet but nothing !

so please guys help me out i need the data its very very very important i will gladly buy a new one

but i need the stuff out and no one is really helping !

its a shame that western digital can replace ur hard drive but they can’t recover or fix !

its a company that makes hard drives so recovery needs to be in the warranty !

Your car warranty covers your car, but it doesn’t cover the stuff you leave in the trunk if the engine catches fire and burns the car to the ground.  That’s what insurance is for.  WD will cover the replacement of the drive since it failed under warranty, but they’re not responsible for your data.

I won’t preach to you about how important BACKUPS are for just that reason, because you just learned that the hard way.

So why does it need a password?   Is it a password-protected drive? 

Exactly what software does your laptop need?   Can’t you download it from the WD Website?

Finally, you might want to re-post in the correct forum.   You posted in this in the “Accessories” forum;  there’s a specific forum for your drive.