Please HELP!

Hi, I purchased a WD 320gb external HD and it has worked very well for 4 months. The last time I used it was about two weeks ago. However, now that I plug it in today, my PC (windows XP) won’t detect it. In fact, the HD seems to “die.” What I mean by this, is that once it plugs in, the external HD runs for about 10-12 sec, and the light is on (giving the impression it’s working as usual) but within 8-9 seconds the light starts to flash and then 2 seconds later it turns off–all the while my PC never detects it. I’ve tried two different USB ports and the same bad luck.

Please help me solve this problem if you know how to fix this. I have very important documents in this HD which I need access to immediately.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Sounds to me that your USB port is not giving sufficient power juice, you may try a usb cable booster.

please make sure USB port was work before or have you try to connect on PC back side USB port? you need do some somebody help if still no work. like this one.