Please help!

PLEASE can someone tell me how on earth do I get my other network devices to ‘see’ my “Public on MyBookLive Network Storage” folder which was created when I installed MyBookLive?

The MyBookLive Public folder accessible from the drive icon in “My Computer” / Windows Explorer, but nowhere else!!

I’ve been trying for hours. For example, my networked Dune Media player’s SMB network browser can see ALL my laptop’s shared folders & directory structures, and all files in them – even if they are not “media” flles. (ie they could be Word docs etc. – anything).

(p.s. My Dune can see something called “MyBookLive-Twonky” in the UPnP browser – but it’s contents are filtered and completely re-arranged – that’s not what I want! I Just want WD MyBook’s public folder to be visible like all my laptop’s shared folders – otherwise I’ll have to return the WD MyBookLive back to the shop for a refund.)

I just want to be able to drag-and-drop files directly to/from the MyBookLive public folder to/from any other device on the network – such as the Dune. Please help!

Many thanks,


problem solved – WD doesn’t seem to document this: in the other device (in this case my Dune HD media player) you must create a network folder and give that device the IP address of the WD MyBookLive NAS (so they can ‘talk’ directly, without going through the (t)wonky server ;-)  Then also tell it the name of the root folder. In short it works brilliantly.

So to all those folks who get horribly slow & stuttering media streaming with (T)wonky, the problem is solved when you use direct IP-address access by the media player to you MybookLive! :slight_smile: