Please Help!

I own several WD external drives and a WDTV player.

I bought a Seagate Go Flex Pro 2TB to use with my WDTV player.

The WDTV player recognizes and plays the files from the Seagate drive perfectly.

BUT, when I shut down the WDTV player the Seagate drive remains on. Also, I cannot turn the Seagate drive off using the eject button on the WDTV remote. The ONLY way to turn the Seagate drive off is to disconnect the AC adaptor cable from the back of the drive while the drive is running.

Im afraid of damaging the Seagate drive by having to pull out the power cable all the time to turn it off.

The WDTV drive has been updated with the latest firmware, along with the Seagate drive. Ive tried asking Seagate in their “help” forum on their website. They insist it is an issue with the WDTV player not ejecting the drive properly.

Anyways, please, any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again:smiley:

Older WDTV Live’s (made before June 2010) or so, indeed, keep the USB ports powered up even when in standby.

Newer Live’s and all Live Plus’s do shut the power off on the USB when in standby.

However, if you’re saying that the drive won’t even go to sleep when EJECTED, that’s most likely an issue with the drive.

So, it kinda depends on what you’re meaning by “remains on.”

  1. I turn on WDTV.

  2. The Seagate drive light turns on, and the drive begins to spin.

  3. I turn off WDTV.

  4. The Seagate drive light turns off, but the drive still spins.

The same thing happens if I eject the drive using the WDTV function (Seagate drive light out, drive still spins)

Now, all my other drives are WD brand. All my other drives will turn off completely when I turn off the WDTV box.