Please Help

I do have a 1TB MyBook External HD (Fat32), that I’ve been using for the last 3 years to store all my IMPORTANT STUFF. Couple of weeks ago I tried to access it, but I got “This folder is empty” message. Went to the Properties of the “Mybook Extern HD” I found that 950GB is used and about 50GB is free (thing that told me that the data is still there, BUT CAN NOT ACCESS IT.)

I think that some of the “system files” got corrupted.

I don’t wanna loose any of the files I saved in the external HR for the last 3 years.

Any idea of how to access them again.

Thanks a lot.

I recommend you ask a moderator to move this post to the correct forum.

This forum is for My Book Live Network Attached Storage, not MyBook USB storage.

The forum you want is probably this one:

A data recovery software should help you restore the files 

Did you recover any files?