Please help with WDTV Live and Netgear STORA

I have the  the LIVE and have a Netgear Stora with all my movies. I have mostly ISOs but also MKV and AVI and a few others. When I try to go into network shares it shows the stora but doesn’t show me any shares. If I go into mediashare I see about 30 out of a 150 movies. It appears none of the ISOs show up. I’m at a loss and really need some help.

The reason Media Servers won’t show ISOs is because DLNA doesn’t support ISO streaming.

So is anyone using a Stora. Should I be able to see the shares? I’m reading stuff now that says that STORA doesn’t support NFS. If so does that mean shares won’t work with WDTV Live?

No, because the WDTV doesn’t support NFS either.

I don’t have a Stora, but it sounds like you don’t have the permissions on your shares set up correctly to allow the Windows boxes or  WDTV to see them.

If you see the SERVER, that means that SMB/Windows Networking is working properly, so that’s good news…