Please help with Video repeat

Hello, I am trying to make WD TV repeat just one video continuosly (a small presentation in the sales office). I have setup the Play mode to ‘Repeat One’. The player doesn’t repeat the video. The video is on a USB drive plugged into one of the player ports. I have two players and they behave exactly the same. Any advice is appreciated.


Try making a second copy with a slightly different name and setting it to repeat all.

Step1 : Setup > Video Settings > Video Playback Sequence > Repeat One

Step2 : Navigate to your video and press the PLAY button on your remote control

the OK button will play the video, but it won’t loop it (this applies to Repeat All as well)


Thank you everyone who responded. JoeySmyth’s advice was exactly what I need. I wish the documentation would be a bit more descriptive.

Hi all, I need it to loop without the classic black screen in between, does it work this way? I mean my video starts and ends the same, is it noticable when it loops?.

Thanks in advance.