Please help with log in to see computer

So I hVe read and tried. Lot of things I found here but this dumb thing won’t let me log into my own pc! Here is a quick summary,I have had wd live device for years, hooking up to wifi not an issue. And up until the other day using the workgroup sharing to watch files from my pc has worked fine! The other day my pc he crapped out, so got new drive reinstalled all and etc… Now on wd live device when I get to that log in screen ( where is always puts “anonymous” as user name, anyway it keeps telling me invLid log in?? For the life of me I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Firstly whT log in is it asking for? My pc log in? Like when I boot up and the log in screen for windows comes up? I disabled the home group in windows, I turned on the workgroup, named it workgroup. Whe I try to access using wd live menu, it see,s my pc the. I try to log in. and also on my pc I cN see the wd live device. But no mTter what I try it keep telling me my log in is invalid??? I’m solo frustrated, I don’t know what to try? I would sooooooo appreciate any help
Thanks !!!


Since you did a new installation on your computer, you might need to set the network shares settings again to make sure that the media player see your shares.

Try resetting the media player first and then make sure that the shares are properly set.

See if the following link helps:

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Betcha anything you like, you never get past that ‘invalid log in’ message. I even made a Support Ticket, and whilst that told me about an ‘advanced share’ option to select ‘no password’ - which of itself, will have been correct and necessary - I STILL never got past that ‘anonymous’ log in screen. In the same way, the helpful reply 'ERmore!‘s’ given to you - will be correct and necessary - but I betcha you still don’t get past that abominable log in requirement, and I bet most people with WDTV units don’t either! I agree with you - what the heck is that password prompt looking for? Nothing works in it!
I gave up and went for the simpler method where you just click the large tile that says ‘videos’ on the WDTV’s home screen. Why the heck WDTV want to put a log in screen that even a hacker could hardly get past, beats me - like we wanna buy something WE want to use, only for IT to be firstly impenetrable, and then secondly, tell US to naff off!! It seems to me that WDTV owners offer a home to a hostile piece of equipment that they would need to attend night classes for to find out how it works! The instruction manual alone is a hefty sized book! (Sorry, Redmenter!)