Please Help! WDTVLiveHub won't switch on properly

Hello there.

I’ve only just registered, so I’m new to this board.  I’ve had my WDTVLiveHub for a while now, without issue,

However, a couple of days ago, the iPlayer Service wouldn’t connect - which was unusual.  I couldn’t see why.  Everything else seemed connected,  However, that wasn’t a big problem.

However, yesterday, I was transferring some files from my laptop when the transfer just stopped mid-progress.

After that, the ‘WD’ logo on the fromt of the unit continued to flash.

I tried to control it with the remote control in the usual way, but nothing happenned,  I tried to access the content from my laptop, and it said that the WDTVLiveHub (Z Drive) wouldn’t connect.

I ended up switching the WDTVLiveHub off and back on again.  It said it was building a library, so I left it overnight,  This morning, it was saying the same thing and neither the remote control or the laptop could do anything.

If this is a common problem or has been asked before, I apologise, but could someone please point me in the right direction?  I wouldn’t even know what to search for.  I’m terrified that I’ve lost my files.

Thank you in advance,


Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

Have you tried resetting the unit using the physical button on the unit?

Thanks for your answer.  Sorry if this is a silly question, but will this affect my files in any way?

I also browsed around the forum a bit and saw a suggestion to “Download latest firmware an put it on USB stick. Unplugged power cord of Hub and plug only USB stick with firmware (do not plug in any other USB drives). Plug power. See if it jump starts firmware installation”.  Is that a good idea?  Might that affect my files?

I’ve tried switching it on again today, and the drive will let me on for short periods, then freeze again for long periods.  However, the unit seemed to be getting hot, so I switched it off by unplugging the cable.

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Updating (or rolling back) Firmware does not effect your files.  ie. it will not delete them.

Are you already running the latest Firmware (3.12.13)  ? … ie press Setup > About

As for the WDTV Live Hub getting “Hot” … i’ve leave mine on sometimes for 12+ hours and it doesent get Hot.

Are you using the correct power supply ?   it should be 12V 2A

Personally, a friend of mine has a WDTV Live Hub and it lasted about a year before the Internal Harddrive went faulty.

Similar symptoms … flashing led, freezing, media library never finishing etc etc.

WD replaced the unit under warrranty. 

PS.  You should ALWAYS keep a backup of your files in case the worst happens.

Well that IS bad news.  If the hard drive is failing, then Resetting, etc is presumably unlikely to make a difference?

Much of the files are backed up, but sadly, not all.

What is the quickest way of getting files onto another drive (USB Stick / External Drive / Laptop) so that I can make the most of the time when it does work before freezing again?

Many thanks for all your help,


For a last ditch attempt to backup files …

Personally,i would disassemble the WDTV Live Hub and remove the HDD and connect it to your computer (via a usb sata adaptor)

eg. an adaptor like this …

and how to disassemble and remove the hdd

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That is brilliant - I will go home via Maplins and hope for the best.  I will hopefully report back with good results!!!

Thanks again,


While the HD is connected to the PC couldn’t WD’s disk maintenance software be run to try and determine that the disk is bad?

Well - I have good news!

Thanks to JoeySmyth 's advice, I bought a SATA adapter and managed to save ALL of my data.  Thank you SO much,  The hard drive seems to work ok with the adapter, although there is an occasional ‘click’ noise which I assume means that the drive is on its way out.

Now that this is done, my thoughts turn to whether I can save the hub.  Excuse my ignorance, but what it the ‘disk maintenance software’ referred to?

Any tips gratefully received.

Thanks again,


huwroberts wrote:

… what it the ‘disk maintenance software’ referred to?


Something like WD Data LifeGuard  (WD DLG)…  which will read the S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics data from the drive and give you a report.

A soft “click” when the disk goes idle is probably just the drive heads parking, which is normal.

I might be wrong but I seem to remember the Hub WILL boot with no hard drive in it…so now that it’s out seems like it ought to boot… if it’s OK.

Thank you for all your help.  Used the software that was suggested to scan the drive.  No faults were detected,  Re-installed the drive in the Hub, and all seems well. 

Many many thanks,


flhthemi wrote:

I might be wrong but I seem to remember the Hub WILL boot with no hard drive in it…so now that it’s out seems like it ought to boot… if it’s OK.


You’re correct, the Live Hub will work without a HDD … there will just be a warning message when you boot the device, and just ignore it and press “ok”

@ huwroberts

Glad you got everything working :smiley:

I guess the 2 benefits of this exercise …

  1. You’ve got your files backed up

  2. With the SATA Adaptor you purchased … you now have a FAST way of copying files to your WDTV Live Hub :smiley:

I love success stories!! :wink: