Please help, WD2500BEVS 22USTO with frong powerconnection


I have the following problem.

I used an adapter to use the HDD outside.

I put togehter the  power connector in the wrong way. After that the HDD did not run. I only hear a smal noise like click two times. The drive does not run and the PC does not recognize teh HDD.

Now I think the wrong power 12 V , not 5V, damaged the PCB.

If I have exactly the exact PCB., can I change it an hope that it works ?

What can be the problem?

Thank for your help, I need the data and have to save money.



Changing the PCB with another one with a different firmware can damage the partition further

Since you mention “exact” you might have another drive with the same model

not sure if this will work and would not want to go there if not familiar with the PCB swap process

Most modern HDDs store unique, drive specific “adaptive” information in a serial EEPROM chip. This chip, or its contents, needs to be transferred from patient to donor. In WD drives, this chip is usually located at U12.

Some PCBs do not have a discrete serial flash memory chip. Instead they store the adaptive data inside the Marvell MCU (the largest chip). In this case you will need a “PCB adaptation” service.

There are several PCB suppliers who offer such services for free.

Move the Main Controller IC is a complex job which need you have certain technique.