Please help: Trouble saving music and picture files to my new WD My Passport

Hi my computer is on the verge of melting down. I have a Dell 1525 2007 Vista and bought a WD My Passport Essential 500GB.

All I wish to save are my itunes and my pictures. I can’t locate my itunes. Do You know where they are?

I tried to drag something into the the f file which says My Passport when I click Computer. It didn’t work. (I read this on a different site)

I tried to drag it into Back up. It didn’t work.

I don’t wish to back up my entire computer (I have Paint Shop Pro etc on disks).

I just want to save my itunes, pictures, and some of my college work. In unique sepearate files.

Also I would like to save separate sub folders for pictures, because I take a lot of pictures and don’t want to bunch them into one folder.

Any help would be so helpful and appreciated. I am not a computer genius and have no idea what I am doing. A step by step or tutorial.

Thank you so much.

Hi is there anyone there to help me??? otherwise will I need to return this product? Shouldn’t there be a visual youtube tutorial how to save music and picture files specifically???

Do you understand the process of copy and paste, or drag and drop?  If so, then you can open two windows, one for the Passport and the other where your picture folders (etc.) are.  

For copy and paste: right-click on the folder in the one window, choose Copy, then left-click in the drive window and choose Paste. 

For drag and drop: click on the folder you want to copy, and while holding down the button, drag the folder over to the Passport window. 

Either way, your files should start copying into the new window.  Do this for each folder that you want to back up.

When you say “it didn’t work”, what exactly happened? Did you get any kind of error message?

Are you familiar with the basic operation of copying and moving files? If not, you may want to look for a more general WIndows tutorial - that’s not really about the Passport drive.

To keep files organized on the external drive, you simply copy the directory tree to the external drive. i.e. if you have a “photo” folder with several subfolders (like “spring break 2009”, “Mary’s wedding”, etc.), you copy the “photo” folder and the subfolders and their content will be copied too.

For the location of the itunes files, you may want to look at some iTunes help source.

Have you installed WD Smartware on your computer? Note that you will get 2 separate drives - one is a (small) read-only partition with the Smartware software, the other is the one you should copy to.