Please help to resolve extremely slow upload from Mac to MyCloud Mirror

I have a very big headache for several months now. The upload speed from my Mac to MyCloud Mirror is so slow, around several Kb. Trying to back up several Tb external disks to MyCloud Mirror take months.
Can WD provide something human readable instructions? And have local competent support that I can ask for help?
Very frustrated.

Mac support is AWFUL. We’ve been complaining about it for years. Using a PC is fine, phones, devices all fine. Anything with Mac transfer using any of the various protocols is painful. I actually think it’s more likely Apple’s fault since they don’t play nice with anything other than Apple these days. Did you try SMB? Also check out this thread as some of these commands will stop some annoying services:

What’s SMB? and how? in human language please.

  1. http://wdmycloud/ does not work.
  2. no Mac version for download: Download Putty, an SSH client
  3. (could not go further)
  1. they mean type in the IP address for your device, log in, go to network and turn on SSH, then configure it with a different password than your admin password.
  2. for mac i think you can just use the terminal that comes with it. just use ssh to log in. login should be “root” for user and this new pw you just made up.
  1. What IP?
  2. doing (typing) what in terminal?