Please help to choose either My Book or Wd My Book Live 3tb?


Asking for help for choosing a new WD!

Please I have a ZyXel Gateway at home for Wlan and home net (specs)

At the moment I have only one normal My Book 1,5 TB  usb 2.0

and would need an other larger harddisk to backup this first one.

  1. My problem is:

Would my Zyxel p-870hn-51b work with

a WD My Book Live 3 TB?

Or is my ZyXel too lazy or weak to move data?

My laptop has WIn 7 64 bit and Usb 3.0 ports.

  1. Would that WD My Book Live be able to backup both my laptop and that first WD normal  My Book  1,5TB?

Or should I backup all files in an oldfashion way, ctrl + C, Ctrl + V ?

At this moment I have a huge problem to decide which My Book to add to my system:

a) WD My Book 3.0 TB

b) WD My Book Live 3.0 TB

Thank You for all possible quidance in this problem!