Please help to choose correct internal HDD to my home srv


Please help me to choose correct WD product to my home server.

Detail specification:

P III 733

700 MB ram

Sata controller Silicon Image SiI 3512

XP Pro


Operating time: 24/7

Tasks: copy/moving data, playing movies, music, ftp, downloading etc. via local, WIFI lan

Needs: multitasking, fast

Structure: Small partition for OS only, rest of space for data

I don’t  know which caregory of WD’s  is the best to my pc. I use raid controler to connect  2 drives to old PCI only, I dont’t use raid 0 or mirroring… I thing about RE family or Veloci but RE is not recommended for single station without raid (is it true?), veloci - little expencive but powerfull, SSD too expencive

Please advise about choise and some information why this solution is better.

Thanks in advance


I think RE4 will be a good choice. Who told you they are no good for single mode installation in home servers? Any particular pros and cons provided to defend such decision?

I found some information by network. It’s about TLER in raid edition. Some info in wiki and hardware forums. Today I  found WD support FAQ: Answer ID 1397. Black drivers don’t have TLER… Maybe black… I still don’t know.