Please help - streaming issues for new user

HI. Just purchased a WD TV live Streaming Media Player. Very frustrated.

Managed to get the list of movies up on the tv. Can’t see ISO files.

Also can’t see any photos from my photo folder nor anything in my music folder. Am streaming with Windows Media Player.

I would really appreciate some help and apologise for being so thick.


If you’re using WMP to stream to the WD, you’ll only be able to see files that WMP supports natively.

That means no ISOs, MKVs, etc.

Your best bet is to set up a “Shared Folder” and access the files that way.


Dare I ask how do I do that?? On the box it says that it can read mkv. I also looked ont he web site and I though it could read ISO.

Oh god I am confuised. If I go the properties of the folder that has my movies, folder for photos and folder for music and share with “everyone” should that mean the box will pick it all up??

Do I also then have to have Windows Media Player on to stream when I use the box? Sorry. Thanks

You seem a bit stressed out over this, but relax,  it will all work out.  You didn’t buy a toaster – your media player will take some time getting to know it.  You need to download the complete User Manual, save it to your computer, and read through it.  The quick guide really gives no info for the complete newbie other than how to plug it all in. 

 I assume you have the Live Streaming player, so here is the direct link to the manual:

Meanwhile, have some turkey, watch some football, play with the kids, etc, because that’s what most of us will be doing the next day or so, and this forum will be rather quite  then, I presume.

Well, thanks. But that doesn’t really help. Don’t mean to be rude. I have read the manual and I thought Ii was pretty ok with such things but not this one. The problem is that there are so many settings when you look at the box and the windows settings.

It would be helpful to know if I need to have Windows Media Player on for the box to stream. 

Also do I need to worry about that WD discovery program cos when I use it it says “no network devices were discovered”. 

Anyway, thanks for looking at the post.

In order to see all files you need to connect to your network via network shares and not media server. A media server only serves certain files and usually leaves out mkv and iso files. In short your wd player can play iso and mkv files but your media server probably will not serve them. Network shares is the way to go.

HI. Thanks for that. I understand that now. My current problem is that I took the box back to factory settings during all this (hit the little button below with a pin). Now I can see the box in the windows network window (windows 7) but I click on that and it can’t find the box. Also prevoously on the box via tv I could see my pc name when I clicked on the server choice rather than the media library and now I can’t see that name iether. Ongoing thanks for any help.

This is what RichUK is referring to in the WD Knowledge Base FAQ’s that’s telling us why we need to use Network Shares to play ISO files:

Thanks mike27oct. So that means I don’t need to have anything to do with Windows Media Player right?

Sso still not seeing my computer on my tv screen. Any help?


It probably doesn’t have anything to do with Media Player, although it could be Windows’ settings as a problem.

WHERE are you not seeing your computer on the TV screen?  If you mean under WD menu for Media Servers and Network Shares (either or both) then your network is not set up correctly.  If it is correct, you should see the PC both places.  Since I don’t have a Live streamer (I have a Plus), I don’t know exactly what your menu screen looks like.  Others can help here.

I had a similar problem when I first got mine.  I couldn’t see iso files because I didn’t see my Network Drive over Network Shares.   I could see files on the network drive over media server though but media server cannot use iso files.  To fix the problem I had to make sure that the workgroup on my WDTV had the same name as the workgroup on my network drive and then I could see my network drive over Network Shares.  So make sure your workgroup name is the same on your computers as it is on your WDTV.  

HI. Ok. Finally got the box to see my wireless network again. I restarted my modem and then I reset the WD box. That worked.

Am now trying to access my files via the windows share. I get to the screen that says "Log in to “my computer”.

It then asks for my username and my password.

Could someone please tell me if this means the password that is used when you turn the pc on and windows starts up?? And if yes, how do you find your username? Is it this or is it something to do with the Homegroop password etc?

Thanks for your patience and help. Blackdog123

Hey Guys. Found a video on YOUTUBE that shows how to do it. Now have it up and running. Don’t know how anyone could get it going without something like this video.

Thanks for your help. 

Glad to know you finally were successful!

I looked at the video, and I question why the video maker said to turn off media streaming in Win 7 settings.  It might not help the WD, but it likely helps streaming between PCs.  My setting has been On for a few years, and it does seem to work for the network that way.

Anybody else agree/disagree?