Please help - shares data recovery!?

I’ve had my ex4 for about a year now, and has been working great.

3 X 6tb
JBOD raid

It’s been having some network trouble, so I left my router off for a few hours, and rebooted the ex4 when I was about to reconnect

I lost my shares folders upon reconnecting and rebooting the ex4

You can clearly see the amount of data stored;

However, here’s where it gets tricky for me

0 music, 0 pictures, 0 videos

You can see I have rebuilt the database and still no solution.

Has anyone experienced something like this?
Can you think of any other solutions? The rebuild took a solid 24 hours.
When I browse the shares off my computer, it only shows the basic puclic/smartware/time machine folders, but they’re all empty.


I added a share called “Movies” and it restored the share drive with the data in tact

However, I had many other share drives, many I cannot recall character for character. Is there a way to see past share folders? or…?

Hi there,

I have not experienced this, but if you know how to use ssh and are savvy with this, you can access the drive via ssh and see if you can retrieve your information. Lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.