Please help restore old "WD Backup" backup

After my computer died catastrophically, I am desperate to access photos I backed up in 2020 on a WD Passport using WD Backup. When I go into the “WD Backup.swstor” folder on my Passport using File Explorer on my new computer, I have two folders there, a folder for the newer test backup I did on my new computer a couple of days ago with nothing important in it, and a folder for the older backup I would like to restore. In this second folder there are a few nested folders in which see all the photos’ thumbnails, so I know my photos’ data is preserved there!

However, when I installed WD Backup from the Passport (yes the old software was still on the drive, too), and attempt to restore, it only gives me the option to restore the new test backup. There is no way to select the other.

Please help! I’m frantic that I may have lost all these important photos!