Please help ... Problem with my passport essential SE usb 3.0 1tb

  I have bought a WDBACX0010BBK a couple of months ago . I used it
for three to four time for data transfer from my friends laptop which
was on Windows 7 , to copy the dat to my PC (having Windows xp sp2 ) i
connected it but it was not recognized , I mean i was not able to see
a separate partition for it . My PC showed me that a new hard ware was
found an i did intalled the SES driver for it but still no drive was
found . Now i tried to connect this to a laptop having windows 7 and
wd smartware installed in it but in the smartware it showed that it is
locked but I never locked it . In the community and in the instruction
in the knowledge base it was mentioned that in such a case i will have
to enter a wrong password some number of time and then it will give me
a option of formatting it , I tried it but after sometime it gave me a
error that “An error occered while formatting the drive” . Please
suggst some thing . I have read as many posts as possible but couldnt find the solution. please helpppp

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One thing a few people have had with that password problem is to log in from another account like the Guest account.


i wasnt logged in with any guest account …

Is there no solution for this … guys please reply…

If logging in from another account doesn’t work you are out of luck. There is no way to reset password. Even if you can get data off drive it will be encrypted and useless.


I am not worried about the data , I am ready to format it but i am not able to do that .

Is there really no solution for this , Coz i have already mailed to WD about this . I got some solutions but they dont work , I have even asked the procedure of how to replace my WD but no reply from there side . Can no one help me with this .

Try loggin 5 or 6 times and it should popup an option to erase the drive. Then you should be able to reformat. This is just a users forum so sometimes we miss posts or don’t have a solution.


Joe_S is right, but it seems that you already tried that.  I would recommend doing a warranty replacement of the drive, if you can’t get it to format.  You can do it online on our website if you want.  Or, contact WD for help.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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bill_s , thanks for the opinion actually i had bought it in US and currently i am in INDIA . Yes they have an option of out of region warranty replacement but i am still thinking whethere I should get it replaced in US itself or go for the out of region replacement option . i have already contacted them for this but i am yet to decide what should i do . Any suggestions from you  ?

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