Please help noob w/ WD live TV streaming

Ok, I have my main computer on a wired router, and have another wireless router connected to first router. When I try to form a homegroup with my main PC (wired) and Laptop w/ wireless connection, it won’t recognize eachother. It only works if connect my main PC  to the wireless rounter; due to distance etc, I can’t.

 I just order the WD live TV streaming, and was worried that PC that’s connecto to the first router  won’t be able to see eachother if the WD live TV is connected wirelessy; and thus not be able to stream the media files from the main PC to WD live TV stream. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can manage this best, or well the WD live TV be able to connect to my main PC with this.

I just order the WD TV live streaming, and was trying to gets answer before getting frustrated once it arrives. 

Thanks for your time…

If you’re using two routers, you need to make sure the 2nd one is not using the WAN port.

Otherwise, your devices connected to the 2nd router will be on a separate subnet than the wired devices on the 1st router.