Please help - No sound with WD TV Live Hub!

Hi all. Not sure if I am posting in the right forum or not, but I would appreciate any assistance. I have a 

WD TV Live Hub, and I am have connected this with a Philips TV model 42ta2800. I have this connected with a HDMI cord, but I have no sound, and I am unsure what else to do. I have tried resetting this, but this doesn’t help. I have also used an audio out cord, and connected the audio left and right sound to the tv’s AV side input for the audio only. When selecting side AV  from the TV’s remote, I can hear the sound no problems.

The TV is located somewhere that I am staying temporarily, and it doesn’t  seem to allow you to select different sound sources, otherwise I could probably get around this issue. Also, I have tried going into the WD’s setup menu, then going to audio/video output, and then going to the audio output, and changing this between stereo and digital pass-through, but this hasn’t resolved the issue.

Any other ideas please???

Thanks in advance!

Try setting the AUDIO format to “STEREO” instead of DIGITAL.

Your TV probably doesn’t interpret anything but PCM, and STEREO should correct that.

Try Tonys advice and make sure your file that your playing is NOT TRUEHD or Dolby Digital True HD codecs… WD’s Hub will not play it!