Please help, my WD shows an error "Unable to play the selected file"

I used my WD yesterday evening with no problems (it has worked with no problems since i bought it a couple of months ago). But now, when I try to use it, it wont work. For every file it says: “Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the user maual on how to change the file to a supported format”. That is for files I have looked at earlier, so it’s not the file that is the problem (I guess). There was a thunderstorm here since I last used it, can that have anything to do with the error? The WD isn’t connected to my network btw. Please help. //maria

Very strange. Now it seems to be working again… 

That’s great, but does anyone have a clue what might have been wrong?

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If this is for a local drive it’s possible the catalog file (a tiny folder/file that starts with WD that is stored on the drive) may have gotten corrupted or otherwise needed restoring/rereading.

If it happens again (and it’s a local drive) you can take the drive to your computer and delete this file manually and then reattach it to the Live to rebuild it.