Please Help Me :(

Hello. I receive this warning two days ago and still cannot connect to the device.

“Your content is migrating and your device will return to normal operation in a few minutes.”. Please help me :((

I had the same problem. I just let it “migrate” took about 24 hours but it finally resolved itself. I have a 4TB unit that was 50% full. Good Luck!

Hello there. thank you so much. what could be the cause of this problem?
Will all the data come back? I have 6 tb capacity and it is 80% full.

Last time I face this problem is on the day of the second new update. I took around 24hours to resolve by itself.
I face the same problem on the newest update. My mycloud home used 1.3TB/8TB.
(But most of my file are photos)This time I took over 48 hours is still Migrating. Must I need to face this problem for every new updated?:disappointed:
Good luck for you