Please Help me

i cant not access the shred folder
today i make new shared folder and i give my user full access
but always ask me user name and password
I try make restart for WD but it is not working

The first time you connect it will ask for the log-in credentials. If you put them in and select the “Remember my credentials” box then it will save the username/password combination and use that next time without asking.

Also have you set up user groups for your users? If so you need to grant the group access to the share as well, as even if you grant the user specific access permissions, if they are a member of a group which is set to deny access then that will override the user access and block things (at least it did on my MyCloud Mirror, which has very similar firmware to the EX series).

I already have shred folders saved under my credentials and it is open but this new folder not accept my credentials

also the old shred folder if i change the permission it is accept and work but today when i make new shred folder (Test) this happen with me
i try to remove the domain from My Cloud EX4 and make it again but still the same problem
also i try restart My Cloud EX4 also same problem
but when i make this folder public it is open
also I try this on another user i give him full access also ask user name and password
and i put the user name and password without any result

Since this is the Windows login popup, I think you need to carefully review the share’s security settings. It looks like you have possibly allowed local accounts to access the share but you are clearly attempting a domain account login.

There is an ‘advanced’ tab under the security settings (Windows share) where you can get the ‘effective permissions’ computed for any username. Try that and see if it says you have access to the share.

Possibly try \computername\aodah as you username (substitute the name of the computer hosting the share) to override the domain login and use a local account instead.

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Also confirm that you aren’t using user groups as well as users on your EX4.

I had this issue with sharing a USB-connected drive on my MyCloud Mirror, and in the end it was due to me setting up (and then forgetting) user groups as well as users. The user group was set to no access, so even though I had given the user full access, the user group overrode that and I couldn’t access the drive unless I made it a public share. But it worked for another user, as that user wasn’t a member of any user groups and so wasn’t denied by them having no access set up.

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actually I try this in another Computer same the problem
also the old shred folders it is work and if i change permission the effective is happen

To explain my issue in more details
i have shred folder I created before this issue name is “Quotations” and i did not have any permission
on it like the picture attached
after that i give my user full access on it it
after that it is work
but the folder test that i created yesterday has this problem

I try this I am member in Domain Admins Group and i give Domain admins Group Full Access Also on this shared folder
the issue drive me to be confuse

I Delete the folder and I Create new one and Still the Same issue
also i restart My server Domain Controller (Active Directory)
only the new folders Crated have this issue .

this Happen after upgrade firmware because after firmware I did not create any folder
but when I need new Folder I create this Folder after that the issue happen

No any one know what happen after upgrade the firmware
I remove the Domain from WD Ex4 and configure it again but still same
i think to downgrade the firmware to the old one maybe it is work
and i contact with WD support system team without any help

what is mean can any one please explain to me

Updating from firmware 1.02.xx:
This firmware update requires the user to unplug the power supply, wait for 5 seconds to re-plug, and power up My Cloud EX4.
Effective with this firmware update, the Network File System (NFS) feature will not be available or supported.

Hi Every one
Good Day
I Open Case with WD Support team ( Case Number : ([Deleted])
and they told me this : We apologize for the delay in the response to your inquiry. In regards to your case, based on the details provided, our recommendation is to perform a system only restore to the drive then perform a manual firmware update.

To system only restore the drive, please go to the dashboard, settings, utilities, system only.

I make restore for system only and after that i make manually update for firmware 2.10.310
but after finish the upgrade what happen the big issue now all shred folder is not accept the domain Credential ( User & password ) and all folder now is public and
if i make it privet no body can access it
I try to stop the NTP after that only 2 folder is working

this open and no problem
other folder name “IT”

Same permission and same user but only this folder name “HI” is working
please check my configuration that attached in picture