Please help me with WD5000LPVX-08V0TT5

Hi everyone!!

Normal  or not 15 sectors with access time <500 ms on a new hard drive? How much slow sectors permitted on a new hard disk ( hard disk drives for laptops) ? ? My HDD WD5000LPVX-08V0TT5 500 GB WD Blue Mobile Hard Drive

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I recommend running a diagnostic on the drive with the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software which will help you determine if the drive is working properly.

Here is a link that will show you the different versions of DLG:

An access time of 500ms corresponds to 60 revolutions at 7200 RPM. That’s a lot of retries.

Manufacturer’s tools such as DLG do not appear to be too concerned with how long it takes to read a sector. They’re more concerned with whether it is readable at all. I suspect that DLG will give a passing grade to all your “slow” sectors.

Instead I would perform a full surface scan with tools such as HDDScan (Windows) or MHDD (DOS).