Please help me with organization

Guys, I am really hoping you could help me out as I am getting very frustrated here.

I have purchased a WDTV Live SMP about a week ago. It is connected via gigabit ethernet and streams from a file server on the network.

I would like something very simple, user friendly and clean.

I currently have 2 shares, 1 for movies and 1 for shows.

Here is what I need help with doing

  1. MOVIES: Since I have a lot of movies, I would like the cover art displayed in more than just one row along the bottom of the screen; as this can get tedious when you have a lot of movies.

I understand that there are different skins available, but I don’t want to have to deal with having to do any work running an app on my PC. I like how the WDTV currently fetches all the cover art and descriptions etc…

*one of my issues right now is that for many movies it does not work automatically and I have to select each individual movie and click on “get info” It then finds the correct one… How come it doesn’t do this automatically? Since it always finds the correct title anyway?

  1. SHOWS: For shows, the same thing happens where for some of them, I have to select each and every individual episode and select “Get Info” again the correct episode is always found.

*My issue right now is that for some shows, the episodes aren’t displayed in order. So episode 11 can come before episode 1.

I understand if I go to “filter” and select “TV Show” it becomes correct, but then it prevents me from watching movies, as that entire folder disappears.

I would REALLY love it if someone can help me out. I just want a simple solution to play my episodes of shows and movies.

Shows are named by the following method ie: 30.Rock.S01E01.mkv

I use period where there is a space in the name and always have SXXEXX.mkv where ‘X’ is the corresponding season and episode number.

I also don’t seperate the seasons into different episodes and just put all the episodes form all season into the subdirectory in the “Shows” share. (this may change however).

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out with this.

I’m not sure if this is posible, have you contact wd support about it?

I found that when using ‘Media Library’  as my content source my files were out of sync. Changed this to ‘network Share’ and everything seems to be in the right order.